The PMS Belt has literally been such a game changer for me! I have very painful cramps that come on randomly. They don't revolve around my period at all! It is so hard to live life normally as a busy mom, wife, daughter and teachen when painful cramping occurs without warning. This belt has made it possible for me to carry on about my daily life PAIN FREE! Yes, I said it, PAIN FREE! I would 100% recommend to anyone and everyone who has cramps that impact their daily lives. I have worn it around the house, cooking dinner, helping kids with their homework, cleaning, even to the grocery store and to work! It is so versatile and works so quickly to alleviate the pain. It truly is the vest invention ever! Shyla P. 


I would get such bad period cramps that I would be crying for hours straight because I couldn’t do anything to help. I dreaded every month because I knew the pain might be worse than the last month. I would curl up in a ball, and I’d have to have cold air blowing on me so that I could get my mind off the pain but that was never enough! I always felt nauseated while these cramps were occurring and I didn’t think anything would help. That was until I tried the belt!! It was one of my most painful months and so I tried the belt and immediately my cramps were getting better. I was able to relax and not be so tense. I wasn’t in pain at all. It’s really been the only thing that has actually helped me not dread each month more than what a woman already does! The heat and massager on it really takes off the pressure and makes it so I can actually be comfortable while being on my period. I couldn’t think of a better purchase!! - Breyan C.


This product changed my period.  I have such terrible, constant cramps (thank you, PCOS) and this belt changed the way I lived my life.  On my worst pain days, I could turn it on for 30 minutes and kick the cramps to the curb in a way that no pain medicine ever has.  I also have a really bad back and on my worst pain days, I can put this belt on and conquer whatever life has to throw at me.  I have very few products that I want to take with me everywhere I go, but this is one of them.  Throw it in the car for a road trip, bring it on a business trip, I don't want to leave this at home because it really does take my worst days, the days I'm in the most pain, and makes them liveable again.  Megan W.